Winter Camp: Gilwell Park

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Open to: Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts

The Event

The first year Beavers and Cubs have had their very own Winter Camp. Held in exactly the same location as the Scouts' Winter Camp - just with the added comfort of indoor accommodation, beds and hot showers!

The Cubs had the building to themselves on the Friday evening and settled in very quickly. The Beavers joined in the following morning and stayed Saturday night.

The Programme

Each section ran their own programme and we joined together for some elements such as the campfire. Amongst the challenging activities of climbing, go-karting and crate stacking, we continued the theme of Global Flavours from Summer Camp. This meant that we had some international Scouts join us for dinner on Saturday evening; Maurice from Uganda and So-Yeoung from South Korea. The Beavers and Cubs asked them questions about their countries and the our guests taught us Scout songs from their campfires before we went out for ours.

There was also a lot of craft work completed too; Beavers made posters with natural items they had found in the Park and the Cubs made lanterns and created new fabrics from old with a traditional Dutch craft technique.

...and of course everyone enjoyed washing up!

The Venue

Gilwell Park is the national headquarters for the UK Scout Association, but it is also one of the founding members of the national Scout Activity Centres.The park is 108 acres and for this event, actually borrows farmer's fields too.

Winter Camp 2012 (Beavers and Cubs)

This year's event is from 30th November to the 2nd December 2012 and final details have been distributed to Beavers and Cubs attending.

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