Paying your child's subs

Subscription fee

Your Scout's Subscription or 'Subs' covers the cost of running our regular meetings and most activities as well as membership of the (national) Scout Association. We make a separate charge for camps, trips away and certain special activities. The Subscription is currently £37.00 per term (we have three terms of approximately 12 weeks each year). Subs are due at the start of each term.

We use a system called Online Scout Manager to manage our online payments. This system is used by hundreds of Scout groups around the country and makes it really easy for you to pay for subs and events online by secure Direct Debit. When your first payment is due you will receive an email with a secure link to use this service.

Joining fee

Mereworth & Kings Hill Scout Group charge a one-off Joining Fee of £25.00 when your Scout joins our group. This fee partly covers the cost of the group scarf, the first poloshirt and all badges your Scout receives during their time with our group. You do not have to pay the Joining Fee again when your Scout moves up to a new section.

Gift aid

Since our Scout Group is a charity, we may be entitled to claim Gift Aid on your subscription payments, which means the Inland Revenue contributes an additional 25% on top of your payment at no extra cost to you. We use Online Scout Manager to keep track of all our Gift Aid payments. When you make your first payment to our Scout Group you will receive an invitation to complete a simple online from to opt in or out of the Gift Aid scheme. Please help us by completing this Gift Aid form.