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Welcome to... Mereworth & Kings Hill Scout Group

Firstly, welcome to the Group. This is a Scout Group where parental support is actively encouraged and, in advance, I would like to thank you for your support in helping to further develop opportunity within the Scout Group.

2013 saw the introduction of a second Beaver Colony and our existing Cub Pack doubled in size. Even so, with our numbers in each section constantly at maximum levels, and our waiting lists at an all-time high, I am taking this opportunity to remind everyone of the Scout Group’s core values and the commitment made whilst making the Promise and becoming a member of the Scouting family.

The information below helps highlight some of these commitments and also helps to answer a few of the early questions you may have.

Enjoy your Adventure.

Church parade & special services

All members are asked to attend regular monthly church services at Mereworth church, particularly when it is their Lodge's / Six’s / Patrol's turn to parade the flags.

At joining, and at many opportunities during the year, the leadership team remind members and parents that all Scouts are expected to attend the St George’s day Parade and the Remembrance Sunday.

Why St George? St George is not only the Patron Saint of England but he is also the Patron Saint of Scouting worldwide. Each year Scouts across the world reaffirm their Promises at a service on a date close to the Saint’s day. St George was chosen as the patron saint because of the many attributes that lie parallel to the Scout Law. Those key attributes are trust, strength, courage, loyalty and bravery, which correspond to the core values of the Scout Movement and our very own Scout Group.

Mereworth and Kings Hill Scout Group also joins together to observe Remembrance Sunday, reflecting not only on those who gave their lives fighting for our freedoms, but for all those killed in conflicts around the world; whether in the two World Wars or in more recent conflicts; whether soldier or civilian. We take this opportunity to pray for and demonstrate our desire for peace in all areas of the world.

We hope you feel able to fully support the leadership team in these two services, and in doing so, help to uphold the Scout Group’s core values.

Joining the group & communication

On joining the Group, and into whatever section, a once-only Group Joining Fee is payable within the first 3 weeks. When moving up into the next sections, this fee does not need to be paid again. This money is used to partly cover the costs of the scarf, an initial red Mereworth & Kings Hill polo shirt and all the badges given out over the course of the years that your child is in Scouting.

To help cover the cost of the premises, the resources needed to run the weekly meetings and to cover the annual National Membership Subscription (paid to The Scout Association for a wide number of purposes from programme support through to insurance), each Scout Group makes a charge. This is known as Subscription, or 'Subs' for short. More information about the Joining Fee and Subs can be found on the 'Paying your Scout's Subs' page.

Mereworth and Kings Hill is a popular Group and we have a large waiting list of children wishing to join all sections. It causes problems if a child leaves without any notification, as we still keep the place available for that child. We must, therefore, have half a term’s notice if a child wishes to leave the Group. This can be by letter, e-mail or a phone call to the relevant Section Leader. If notice is not given, Subs will be charged for half a term, to cover the time that the child should have been attending.

Parents are asked to help out about once a term with their children whilst either in Beavers or Cubs. This also gives parents an insight into what we do.

The Group Leaders all use e-mail to send out information to parents. Please ensure that you have an up-to-date e-mail address to send details to. The website will hold all calendar dates, letters, trip information and photographs etc. You will need to register to access certain pages of this website.

The group scout council

When your child is invested into any section in the Group, parents automatically become members of the Mereworth & Kings Hill Group Scout Council. All parents and Leaders in the group are Members of this council and it meets once a year at the Annual General Meeting.

Each year, an Executive Committee is formed, consisting of a number of parents and various Leaders in the Group. The Executive shapes the future of the Scout Group as well as operating some day to day functions. They are responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the Group, managing finance, seeking grant opportunities, purchasing equipment and maintaining Group property (e.g. camping equipment) amongst a wide range of tasks.

In addition to the Leaders and Group Council, there are Skills Instructors, Helpers, Committee Members, Fundraisers, Badge Examiners etc. Our Scout Group is always pleased to have more help and support – if you feel that you have a little spare time(!), please speak to the Leaders.


A series of forms will also needed to be filled in by parents:

Health Form: this is sent out on an annual basis, but needs to be updated if there is a change in circumstance. This includes addresses and other emergency contact details as well as health issues.

Gift Aid Form: the Scout Group achieves significant cost savings by being able to recoup tax through Gift Aid. This is essential in keeping the Group costs down.

CRB Form: for new parents to the Group, all of our parents are required to fill out a CRB form. This is done as a matter of course, so that every parent can help out in the group.

These forms are available in our download section. Please fill these out and return them to your Section Leader as soon as possible.