Beaver Scouts are the youngest section of the Scouting family. Our activities are based around making things, outdoor activities, singing, playing games, going out on visits, investigating nature, listening to stories, learning how to be safe and most importantly, making new friends. Badges are gained to show what we've learned and discovered. The Beaver Scout Motto is ‘Fun and Friends’.

About the group

In our group we have 2 Beaver colonies with up to 24 children each: the Hurricanes and the Tornadoes. Please contact us for information about meeting times and places. The Beaver colonies are led by White Swan and Golden Tiger respectively, with the help of assistant leaders Brown Owl, Orange Moose, Red Admiral and Blue Dragonfly. We run a parent/guardian helper rota as we must have a ratio of 1 adult to every 6 children. As we are a family group, it also means that parents get to know the group, and the group gets to know the parents. Your parent/guardian will be required to help us approximately once or twice every term and will need to fill in a CRB form. They will be allocated a date in the termly newsletter.

Joining Beavers

After a few weeks of coming to Beavers you will have to make a special promise. You do not need to wear uniform when you first come to Beavers. First we like to give you a few weeks to see what Beavers is about and to make sure you really like coming and that you wish to make your Promise and be invested. You will need to wear a uniform for your investiture and all parents/guardians are invited to this special event. The group scarf is presented to you at the investiture along with the group badges.

(Scouting is a multi-faith organisation and a number of alternate promises exist that may be used instead.)

During the year there are some important events that all Beavers are expected to attend – the St George’s Day Parade and Remembrance Sunday are the two major services that all in the Scouting Movement commit to attend. We also like Beavers to attend Church Parade once a month at Mereworth Church.

Weekly Meetings

When you first join our Colony, you will be put into a sub-group, called a ‘Lodge’. In the Tornadoes colony, lodges are named after animals living on or near the Riverbank: Mallards, Watervoles, Otters and Kingfishers. Each lodge has 6 Beavers, one of which is the leader and one the seconder. Children tend to stay in the same lodge during their time in Beavers. At the beginning of each meeting Beavers should come into the hall and sit quietly in their lodge ready for the opening ceremony and register. Activities are done individually, in lodges and as a whole group.

At the beginning of each term you will receive a newsletter (via email) which contains all the information regarding what we're doing each week, the place and time if different, and the parent helper rota.

We have a points system for good behaviour, attendance at meetings and outings, appearance and uniform. We also work towards earning a wide variety of badges. Badges are awarded 3 times a year, at the end of each term.

At the end of the meeting we have a closing ceremony and a prayer.

When dropping off your child you are asked to remain in the hall until all the parent helpers are present. We have to ensure that the correct ratio of adults to children is present otherwise we cannot hold the meeting. We will not allow your child to leave the hall unless you, or a nominated person, are there to collect them. We have one of the leaders at the door to ensure that nobody leaves unattended.

At the end of the term of your 8th birthday, you will leave Beavers and 'swim up' to Cubs. This takes place in a special ceremony that parents are invited to.