Mereworth & Kings Hill Cub Pack is growing! We have recently up-sized to try to cope with demand and have over 40 boys & girls aged between 8 and 10.5 years old. They love to have a variety of challenges, games and new skills – all leading to gaining badges. They also really enjoy making new friends – would you like to join them?

The Cub Pack is led by leaders named after the characters in “The Jungle Book”. Akela, the Cub Scout Leader, is assisted by Baloo, Chil and Bagheera as well as other leaders. We run a weekly parent/guardian helper rota, where parents can be involved and relive their youth, as well as learning what their Cubs do. Parents/Guardians are all asked to fill in a CRB form, so that they can help at meetings and come to outdoor activities such as trips and camps.

Joining Cubs

For the first few weeks at Cubs, you do not have to wear a uniform – we just want to make sure that you enjoy coming and are ready to become a Cub. Once you have decided that you want to join permanently, you work with Akela towards your investiture over a few weeks, learning about the Scouting Movement and what it means to be a Cub. At the very special investiture ceremony, which is often held in unusual places, you have to wear your uniform and make your Promise which is:

(Scouting is a multi-faith organisation and a number of alternate promises may be used instead)

When you join Cubs, you are put into a “Six”. These are named after colours. Each “Six” has a leader (Sixer) and assistant leader (Seconder). Most Cubs have the opportunity to become a Seconder and/or Sixer as they progress through the years, tending to stay in the same Six for the time that they are at Cubs.

During the year, there are some very important events that all Cubs commit to attend – St George’s Day Parade (St George is the Patron Saint of Scouting) and Remembrance Sunday. We also ask our Cubs to parade the flag at our monthly church services at Mereworth Church.

Our programme

At Cubs, we enjoy a wide variety of activities and challenges.

We go camping (both indoor and outdoor) once every term.

We have numerous visits to different places, such as a Sikh Temple (Gurdwara), Leeds Castle, The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, RAF Hendon, Scouting HQ in North London and the Natural History Museum, to name only a few! We have action–packed activity days, where we can try out all sorts of different things such as buggy-driving, climbing, abseiling, archery, dog-handling, swimming, model-car racing, boating, canoeing, fire-lighting, outdoor cooking...

We also gain lots of badges, having many different challenges along the way – Map Reading, Emergency Aid, Hiking, Global Conservation, DIY, Athletics, Chef etc. Badges are awarded at the end of every term.

We also have a points system – Cubs gain points based on the weekly uniform inspection, church and parade attendance, how helpful they are etc. Points mean prizes! Prizes are awarded to the top points scorers at the end of every term.

When Cubs are 10.5 years old, they “leap” up to Scouts. This takes place at a special ceremony that parents are invited to.