Welcome to William's Warriors Explorer Scout Unit (ESU), based in Mereworth & Kings Hill. We're a group of 14-18 year olds who like to do more than watch television or sit on swings...

On a quest for adventure...

As a network of young people and adult volunteers we have a lot of fun undertaking a whole range of lively, adventurous, creative, character building or just plain crazy activities - making fantastic friends in the process.

We have the backing of the largest youth organization on the planet - the Scout Association - which gives access to more opportunities than you can ever take up in one life-time. We offer you the chance to participate in a flexible way that suits your life-style, including school, university or work commitments.

You can chose to come away just a few weekends a year, or dedicate every moment of your spare time to throwing yourself into new hobbies and gaining a variety of skills that will help you make the best out of life.

We meet where it’s happening. Collaboration with other Units and membership of the Scout Association means high quality, affordable activities - and lots of people to do them with.

Programme and meetings

In short, adventurous activities are our thing.Whether that's putting on our walking boots, packing a tent and heading for the hills; building and then paddling our canoe along the Medway; or less physically active, but as adventurous in one way or another - launching a Scout into space; or putting on a pantomime in less than 2 hours!

Most of us, but not all, have followed the adventure through Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. We're now beginning to put our own spin on the programme by being more involved in planning the programme; with some of us gaining experience and qualifications as Young Leaders or in activities that interest us. Being part of Mereworth & Kings Hill Scout Group lets us continue our Scouting adventures whilst offering us the opportunity to 'put something back' and gain recognition for it too.

Generally, we have a weekly meeting on Friday nights, usually either in or around Mereworth or Kings Hill, from 8:00pm until 9:30pm. Although, sometimes the events and activities mean that we meet on other nights or at weekends. We know we can't go camping or flying every Friday evening, so sometimes we do meet up: with more of a social focus; to take on the challenge of something new; to find out about an issue or to support our local community; or to train for or plan our next activities.

As part of the Scout Association, a world of opportunities presents itself to us; literally if we think about international events such as World Jamborees and the opportunities to travel as Scouts overseas. Like the junior sections we follow a training programme that gives us the same opportunities to develop ourselves in respect to the 6 programme zones: outdoor and adventurous, community service, physical recreation, skills, global, and values and relationships. Something for everyone!

Being part of something big

We too are a uniformed section; and as part of the Scout Association there are also key events in the year to which we commit to attend -such as St. George's Day events. Why is our uniform and Unit scarf important to us? Difficult to answer, but it is... Perhaps you'll only be able to answer that yourself when you've been to a few events with us, met other Explorers from around the country; or even internationally and experienced what it is to be part of something really big - That's roughly 28 million Scouts across the globe!

Training and rewards

Many of us take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and Scouting's Young Leader Programme. Similarly to the junior sections, Explorer Scouts have their own Activity Badges to gain; awards that are tailored to our age group, interests and with high standards that are valued by people reading our applications for employment or university. Ask around in the Group and you'll find that a number of our Leaders will tell you that they won their current job because Scouting was on their CV!

How to find out more

If you'd like to join us, or find out more about our programme, you'd be more than welcome. Just get in touch through the contact page and we'll get you doing something exciting before you can say, "Parascending!".