Group events

Mereworth and Kings Hill Scout Group is very much a family group. The whole team works as hard as possible to involve parents in all that we do. And this includes parents supporting a number of events that we plan and organise ourselves - from day trips to longer camps.

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Summer Camp

The biggest event the Group runs is Summer Camp. For 2013 we expect over 120 to be camping by the end of the weekend. Make sure the August Bank Holiday is circled in your diary...two Beaver Colonies and a 'super-size' Cub Pack, as well as the Scout Troop and Explorer Unit - it's going to be huge!

More details are available on our Summer Camp page.

Group Barbeque

The Group Barbeque is a mammoth (?!) undertaking, where we cater for between 200 and 300 people. All sections from Beavers through to Explorers attend as well as members' families. The last couple of years have had the Explorer Scouts planning the programme for the evening.

This is an evening where parents have the opportunity to meet other families and where the beginning of strong friendships are formed.

This event is one of the occasions where children often move up into the next section.

Group Trip

A Group trip is run once approximately every eighteen months. These are often held in the winter months as the summer programme is so crammed.

The Group has visited the tunnels at Dover Castle and been to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich. During both of these trips Group members have been invested - great memories to have!

This year's trip is currently being this space!

Group Walk

The walk around Teston is a firm favourite and seems to grow in numbers each year...except last year when the heavens opened (and then closed!) twenty minutes before the meeting time.

The weather in the preceding weeks seems to have no impact on the colour that Beavers return at the end of the walk - as it's normally brown in mud, whatever the weather!

Remembrance Sunday

This is an event the Group expects full attendance from all members as part of an individual's commitment. The Group is fully engaged with the service at Mereworth Church and it is always pleasing to see that, on this important occasion of remembrance, the church is full to capacity with all sections and many parents.

St. George's Day Parade

The annual St George's Day Parade is either run by the Group or by the District. Whichever one of these, we again expect full attendance for this event. St George is the Patron Saint of Scouts.