Summer Camp

Open to: all sections

The event

This is the largest event the Group runs. With over 130 members in the Group - plus Leaders and Helpers, Summer Camp could this year exceed 120 people!

The camp builds up over several days ensuring that each section has an experience that reflects their age.

On Thursday the camp begins its set-up and on the Friday, Sixers, Seconders, PLs and APLs join us for their first night and some Leadership training. Saturday morning the remainder of the Cubs and Scouts arrive (via a particular form of transport).

The Explorers join either on the Friday or Saturday - dependent on their programme. Saturday morning see the Beaver Colonies arrive with their parents to set up their part of the camp.

Alongside the many Beaver Scout parents, many parents of Cubs and Scouts have remained with us - and we are quite sure they enjoy their time with us as they keep coming back for more!

The programme

Theme: Each year the camp is loosely themed and the activities, patrols and (sometimes) menu reflect the theme. Historically we have had Spy Camp, MKH Games, The Big Adventure, Back to the Big Adventure, Global Flavours and many more.

Structure: It doesn't matter what section the child is in, they will help to form a Patrol (whose name is generated from the theme) made up from Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. The parents are also assigned to a Patrol as well. Parents of Cubs and Scouts are generally in different patrols from their child, but will tend to remain with them in Beavers as the child grows in confidence.

There are many general tasks that need to be undertaken to keep the camp functioning. Everyone has some form of engagement here - be it washing up, tent inspection or looking after the stores. Without everyone looking after one another, the camp wouldn't happen.

Beavers: This is often the Beavers first experience of camping with a Group away from home. Many measures are put in place so they feel safe in trying new ideas and enjoying the experience of the Great Outdoors. Beavers have built dens in the woods, followed trails, created craft using natural materials...and helped to put up their own tents and do some washing up. A great experience.

Cubs: The Cub programme intertwines with the Beavers and Scouts at different stages; supporting the transition from Beavers into Cubs and preparing Cubs for their move into Scouts. The programme generally focuses on activities that are not normally possible during meeting time: orienteering, giant wide games, backwoods cooking. We always aim to add something new whilst maintaining some of the silly games expected too!

Scouts: The Scout programme has links with the Cub and Explorer sections, in preparation for movement between sections. The camp is a real opportunity where real and traditional Scouting skills can be furthered - such as pioneering - where in the normal run of a programme there is not the time to construct projects like the bridge pictured at the top of the page.

Explorers: As with all sections, the Explorers run their own bespoke programme. However for this section, it may be that they are off-site, involved in activities elsewhere. They also camp a little further away from the rest of Group, giving them a little more independence as they shape and develop their own activities. The Explorers have helped to convert and develop a part of the campsite, and this moved much further forward last year with the aid of parents and some heavy-duty digging machines.

Sixers, Seconders, PLs and APLs: Training for this group of Scouts takes place on the Friday afternoon and evening. They will support building their part of the campsite up and help prepare aspects of the programme for the following day. This has included setting trails, creating wide games and organising flags/parades. On top of this, they will also have their own programme on these days that give them the opportunity to try something new; working with fire, site projects, cooking a three-course meal...

Parents: Parents support in a wide variety of roles; from running the catering, through to activity support and site service. We are very conscious that parents want to enjoy themselves too and ensure that we construct a programme for them so they can be involved. This does mean getting 'hands dirty' (and we mean really dirty!) but having a great time in the process. We aim to put together a parental programme that covers what we call the four S's; Support (helping with activities), Site (improving the site through projects and general maintenance), Service (ensuring the camp functions) and Social (we all need to relax at the end of a day!)

The venue

Our local campsite is used for this event and the details of this can be found in the listing for Summer Camp.